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Bath bomb molds

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Using our aluminum bath bomb molds will be able to make beautiful designs that will look both professional and have that perfect sphere shape.

We sell 3 different sizes – Small, Medium and Large.

We also have a set – 3 different sizes – petite, extra small and small size for the set.

When making bath bombs, fill a bit extra of the bath bomb mixture in the centre of one of the sides, as this will help keep them together when you press them.

Once you have filled them, make sure you are using the same matching size halves, or they will not fit together.

Then  firmly press them together, making sure you are pressing evenly on each side, rather than in the middle, which helps to give that smooth finish.

Once you have done that, gently tap with a spoon first and then gently slide the sides away starting with one side first then the other, this should ease the mold away from the mixture, then allow your bath bombs to air dry out.

This could take longer in summer with higher humidity.

If the halves do not lock together, you can push the halves to meet and press down, then try tapping with a spoon, and remove from the molds.


51mm – Small

65mm – Medium

80mm – large

Sets- 3.5mm,4.5mm,5.5mm


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