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Crystal Soy Candle – Bergamot & Vetiver (Radiant & Powerful)


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Crystal Soy Candle – Bergamot & Vetiver

With the chakras as inspiration, these candles have been individually handcrafted with essential oils and crystals to enrich the chakra system and dispel any negative energy.

Our hand-poured candles release essential oils and intensify the healing energy, creating a beautiful ambience.

Yellow Aventurine vibrates the solar plexus chakra. The burning of this candle will bring joy and abundance to your life, overcoming feelings of being out of control.

Radiant & Powerful:– I have abundance and inner strength

Fragrances blended:

Top notes: bergamot, lemon citrus blend

Middle notes: cedarwood, guaiacum wood and juniper

Base notes: vetiver and sandalwood


Crystal quartz: awareness, clarity, amplify energy

Aventurine: prosperity, wellbeing, good luck

Citrine: brightness, positive energy, clearing

These candles are packaged in a wooden box

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