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Hiland – Spectre GJZ – Mountain Bike- 29inch

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It is the perfect mountain bike for riders who are a little taller than average. In addition to being a real mountain bike, this bike can also be used for daily commutes to school, work , university or TAFE colleges.
 With the kickstand and rack mounts, you can easily accessorize the bike and haul a load. It has a Shimano 21-speed drive train for more control while climbing, and for getting low while descending, cornering, and jumping. The suspension fork is brake thickened aluminum to absorb shock effectively on rough roads. A double disc brake assures a strong and stable braking force, keeping you safe at all times regardless of how smooth or steep the road is. Assembling the bike is easy since it is 85% pre-assembled, with tools included. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the bike. Available in two frame sizes – 432 and 482.

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