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Yoga Bolster- Rectangular shape



Yoga Bolster- Rectangular shape

Traditionally bolsters have been around for ages. There are different shapes –  oval shape, long cylinder shape & rectangular shape.

Yoga bolsters are props used to provide comfort and support when doing stretching and breathing exercises.  They are used in both regular yoga and restorative classes to support various parts of the body.

Ready to make your yoga practice more comfortable, supportive and restful?  Then these are the ideal props for you to use.

Our Long bolsters & cushions are filled with a choice of 2 fillings

  •   Cotton fiber filling.
  • Organic Australian Buckwheat Hulls ( 3kg of Hulls)

These Long Bolsters are ideal to help promote relaxation by providing support and grounding to prevent strain from overstretching.

There are currently 3 designs available in our Bohemian Range

  • Black Paisley
  • Marrakesh Blue
  • Vintage Boho

Measurements: 65cmLx 23 W x14cmH

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 60 × 29 × 14 cm

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