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Yoga Cushion – Zafu



Yoga Cushion – Zafu

Our Zafu Meditation Cushions are designed to be durable and highly functional.

  • Our cushions consist of two durable layers, an outer machine-washable cover, and an inner layer.
  • We fill our zafu cushions with our exclusive blend of buckwheat hulls and lavender, which has been shown to aid in relaxation. It is extremely beneficial for meditation as well as treating anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. Buckwheat hulls have the advantage of allowing you to move freely, while still providing you with strong support that allows you to achieve the best alignment of your spine.
  • With the Zafu cushions, you’ll notice less stress on your joints, less numbness in your extremities, and less pain in your hips and lower back. It even makes breathing easier!
  • Due to the separate liner, it is easy to remove the filling to adjust the cushion’s height and comfort.
  • Our cushions are low maintenance & easy to clean as the outer cotton cover can be easily unzipped and is machine-washable in cold water.
They have a handle, which makes them easy to carry whether you are at a studio or outside for meditation on the go!
We have two types of fill:
  • Filled with a mix of cotton fibre filling
  • Organic Australian Grown Buckwheat Hulls

We currently have 3 designs in the Bohemian Range:

  • Black Paisley
  • Marrakesh Blue
  • Vintage Boho

Measurements: 43cmLx17cmHx28cmW
Weight: 2.5 kg approximately

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 42 × 21 × 13 cm

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