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100 % Recycled Cotton Throws

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Introducing our 100% recycled cotton throws, which are versatile in function and eco-friendly. Designed to provide utmost comfort and style, these throws are ideal for picnics, decorating accents, and cozy winter essentials.

Our throws are made from recycled cotton, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint. We’re repurposing cotton fibres to reduce waste and make things more sustainable without sacrificing quality.

Whether you’re planning a family picnic or an intimate gathering, our recycled cotton throws make the perfect companion. They’re big enough for everyone to enjoy the outdoors while lounging on the grass.

The throws aren’t just for outdoor activities; they also make amazing decorative pieces for your living room or bedroom. With their gorgeous patterns and vibrant colours, they instantly add warmth and charm to any room. Make a cosy haven of relaxation and style by draping them over your couch, armchair, or bed.

As an added bonus, our recycled cotton throws are great for keeping you warm during the winter. Whether you’re curling up with your Favorite book, watching a movie, or simply seeking comfort, these throws will be your go-to solution.

Designed for everyday use, these throws will last you through many picnics, seasons, and moments of relaxation.

By choosing our 100% recycled cotton throws, not only do you add style and comfort to your life, you help the environment too! With every purchase, you’re promoting a greener environment, supporting responsible manufacturing, and embracing recycled materials.

Take your picnics to the next level, upgrade your home decor, and enjoy cozy moments under a warm throw made from 100% recycled cotton. Discover the perfect blend of sustainability, style, and comfort.

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Small 130cmx160cm, Large 160cmx220cm


Brown Sugar, Stella, Maggie, Delilah


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