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Crystal Soy Candle – Black tea & Cypress tree (Expressive & Calm)


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Crystal Soy Candle – Black tea & Cypress tree

With the chakras as inspiration, these candles have individually been handcrafted with essential oils and crystals to enrich the chakra system and allow expression.

Our hand-poured candles release essential oils and intensify the healing energy, creating a beautiful ambience.

This sodalite candle allows for open communication and self-expression opening your throat chakra.

Light this sodalite candle to find your “voice” in the world.  Awakening your throat chakra will help you get the word out and express yourself creatively.

Expressive & Calm: I find my voice and speak my truth

These candles are blended with:

Top Notes: orange, rosemary, black tea

Middle Notes: clove, basil & mint

Base Notes: cypress

Crystals used:

SODALITE – communication, self-expression & Truth

AMAZONITE – confidence, Self-love & creative expression

CLEAR QUARTZ – Awareness, Amplifying energy & Clarity

These are beautifully presented in a wooden box.

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Weight 500 kg


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